Peter Letzer, retiring after 23 years. Thank you Peter for everything.

After so many years, the lovely man – Peter Letzer is finally leaving us for pastures new.

Peter joined LSI/IH Portsmouth in 1996, when the school was based over in Guildhall Walk.  It was a much smaller school then, with about 12 or 15 teachers, and about the same amount of classrooms.

Peter had been living and working in Spain before coming to us (with a little stop on the way).  Anyone who has ever worked in EFL will know how transient the industry can be, but sometimes when people find a school that fits in with their life they stay, and Peter did. LSI/IH Portsmouth has had quite a few teachers who have stayed for a long time, some have left, but they always return.

Peter has now been here for 23 years.  In that time he has taught just about every subject and level and consistently receives compliments from the students. He is as much loved by his students as he is by his colleagues.

Peter’s love of short teacher’s meetings and photocopiers (and staplers) that work is kind of legendary among the staff ;-).

The one phrase that has been said repeatedly since Peter announced that he was finally leaving is:

“Oh Peter’s going? he is such a lovely man” (and then a little anecdote about why he is so lovely).

We will genuinely all miss Peter and thank him for his friendship over the years.

Below are a few pictures of his leaving ‘Coffee and Cake’ do downstairs in 113 Kitchen and Bar and a few little pics from over the years.

Circa 1997 before outside the school was pedestrianised. From left: Sue G, Richard, Allan, Jane, Lea, Helen, Karen, Marilyn, Sarah, Becky, Cliff, Lisa, Bill, Sue H, Gill, Johan, Vince, Ceri, Peter L, Geoff, Najat, Peter G.

Can only guess what was being said here 😉








Friday 24th May 2019 Peter’s leaving do in 113. From left: Michael, Rebecca, Jon, Sue, Ceri, Emily, Peter, Susie, Steve, Lea, Neil, Lewis, Catt, Lisa, Mandana, Ross, Will, Laura (Adam G taking photo).

Thank you Peter, for the friendship and fun, it’s been lovely working with you.