Poetry to Soothe the Soul

Those who know the staff at LSI/IH Portsmouth will remember Abbie Headon from a couple of years ago, who was such a popular teacher at LSI/IH Portsmouth.  We have all kept in touch, in part, due to the fact that Abbie’s husband Jeremy continues to work at LSI/IH Portsmouth.  Abbie left to return to her first love – Publishing.  For the last year or so she has been writing a book, reflecting her love of poetry and at the beginning of September it was published. To celebrate the occasion  Blackwells the book shop across the road to LSI/IH Portsmouth held a book launch for her wonderful book  ‘Poetry First Aid Kit‘.  All who attended (and there were many teachers in attendance) had a wonderful evening, with lovely food and drink supplied, lots of friends and readings from her book.  There was even a celebrity among the audience; Portsmouth’s very own Poet Laureate Sam Cox, who wrote and performed a poem specially.

Abbie and her book

Poetry First Aid Kit

Abbies’ LSI/IH Portsmouth supporters: Joel, Ceri. Ed, Claire and Becky  
Des, Ed and Jeremy (Abbie’s husband)
Ceri reading a poem from Abbie’s book
Ed and Jeremy taking it in turns to
read a poem from Abbie’s book
Des reading a poem from Abbie’s book

Portsmouth’s own Poet Laureate
 Sam Cox very kindly wrote
 a poem specially and
 came and performed
 for the audience.