Pre-Sessional Writing Tips from the LSI/IH Portsmouth Team

For the last few years our Pre-sessional courses have become incredibly popular, with hundreds and hundreds of students studying here in preparation for their university courses. One of the most challenging areas for our students generally is academic writing skills.

Our amazing, fantastic, wonderful, superb, dedicated, hardworking pre-sessional team of teachers 😉 recently got together to come up with a range of writing tips to help the students. 
These have been made into a series of quick videos in which Robyn and Ed explain the most effective ways to improve academic writing.  The first of these is published today to coincide with the new Pre-sessional courses starting this month.  We will be publishing one new video each week for the next 6 weeks.  So you can find them easily, there will be a dedicated page on this blog (tabs above) where they will all be available together once they have all been published.