Reasons to be a TEFL teacher

Living_the_dream Reasons to be a TEFL teacher

Passport to Paradise

There are many many reasons why people choose to become TEFL teachers. It has to be said it is rarely because of the salary ;-).  The thing about TEFL teachers is that they are such an interesting group of people. Nearly every single one of them has a story to tell. A great many of them have travelled a lot to do the job.  With a TEFL qualification, you will nearly always be able to find work. It might not be particularly well paid or secure, and it may not be in the UK but it will be possible to find work.  There are downsides to the job. Sometimes the working hours (outside of the UK) are not particularly friendly, as many people are looking for tuition outside of their working hours, but the plus side is that you often and quickly get a group of friends who are all in a similar situation, who are then willing to go and get a drink or a meal. The social side of TEFL in other countries can be great.

Today we are focussing on one particular teacher’s latest teaching post. (Feeling very jealous as I’m writing this;-).  We have had a lovely teacher working here at LSI/IH Portsmouth for about 6 years. Rich B was very popular among teachers and students, an all-round fab person.  He recently left to move to Sri Lanka with his lady and family and sent us a couple of photos to show where he was. We thought we would share them, just to show what is possible.  Apparently right outside their house are turtles that they swim with. He says his children are in seventh heaven.  So have a look and feel jealous. And see one more reason why so many lovely people become TEFL teachers.

Family Housae_on_the_ beach_ Sr_i Lanka