Revamped Study Centre – All systems Go.

LSI/IH Portsmouth is always trying to ensure our students have the best facilities possible to make their stay and their study as good as it can be.
With this in mind we started last year to upgrade our study centre.  Over the year we have completely revamped the centre with brand new computers, brand new furniture, lots and lots of new study materials, free Guided Online Learning and the addition of plug-ins for mobile devices on the desks 😉 (we try and think of everything ).  Added to this we now have teacher support available every day.  Becky Scott heads the team of teachers of Joel, Anisa and Tom, and in the video below gives a brief overview of what is available for our students in the lovely new centre.Here’s a short video from Becky to explain what you can do in the centre.

Below are a few pictures showing the transformation over the last year.
With thanks to Adam, Nick, Nicki P, Man from Taylor Made, Becky, Joel, Anisa, Tom, Terry and everyone else who helped the process along.


Adam doing his thing
Nick playing with cardboard
Nick in the picture again 😉 with Nicki P
Man from Taylor Made setting up the computers
From left: Nicki P, Anisa, Joel, Becky and Tom.


All the new computers
Showing the Teacher support station