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Explaining what Sensations English is

What is Sensations English?


Sensations English is a unique English language learning website that delivers lessons featuring topical news videos and written news articles. Based in England, Sensations English is aimed at students of all levels, all over the world. Each lesson has a range of educational learning games and study tools created by experienced EFL teachers.

Sensations English lessons are written at 5 different learning levels corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) A1- C1, to cater for every level of student. If you don’t know your CEFR level, you can test yourself using a 25-question test on the Sensations English website. You can then re-test yourself at any time to see how your language skills have progressed.

СEFR and Sensations English

Although Sensations English does not feature C2 level, it features all of the other 5 СEFR levels. Below is a rough outline of those levels and how they are categorised and can be compared to IELTS band score descriptors.

CEFR IELTS band score Description
A1 (Beginner) 1.0 – 2.5 Can communicate in a very simple way using basic phrases and expressions.
A2 (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate) 2.5 – 3.5 Can understand and use common language, can use their language to complete simple interactions.
B1 (Intermediate) 4.0 – 5.0 Can understand the main points of standard communication and can give reasons and explanations for opinions.
B2 (Upper-Intermediate) 5.5 – 6.5 Can communicate on a wide range of topics effectively and fluently.
C1 (Advanced) 7.0 – 8.0 Has a sensational control of the language and can use it flexibly and fluidly.

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Why do students choose Sensations English?


Sensations English is new, professional, and highly educational. It will support you before and during your English Language courses. You will find it has modern, real English, both spoken and written. It’s good preparation for the speaking, listening, reading & writing exams you will be taking.

Learn English through the news

News is a great tool for learning English because it you introduces you to real world English vocabulary. News also covers a huge variety of topics, from culture to entertainment, natural world to innovation, so you will always find subjects that interest you, and help your understanding.

New lessons added every week

Sensations English is a new, exciting, and stimulating way to learn English online. Furthermore, with 15 new lessons added to the website every week it’s always up-to-date. It is also important to remember that these lessons are graded across 5 different levels so you are bound to find the right level for you!


LSI/IH Portsmouth and Sensations English


LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth has entered into a partnership with Sensations English to work together on a number of projects internationally. As part of this agreement, students taking an online course at LSI/IH Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth will have access to Sensations English lessons and resources at no extra charge.

This includes current students as well as those registering for courses before the end of July 2020.

Expert teachers will work together to develop stimulating new lesson delivery plans, incorporating the topical video and written news articles created by Sensations English. As part of the partnership, all students currently enrolled in LSI/IH Portsmouth’s courses will have access to Sensations English lessons and resources. Students will be able to use Sensations English as a self-study tool so they can work on their English on their own – and so improve their English faster. Teachers will also sometimes set exercises from Sensations English as homework or a basis for discussion the following day. This is an opportunity for students to study more intensely without paying extra – 10 hours with the teacher +10 hours with Sensations English = 20 hours English.

The Principal of LSI/IH Portsmouth Lea Brophy commented:


“This is an excellent development and we look forward to enhancing the quality of our course programmes in this fast changing on-line market”.


Sensations English co-founder Lewis Bronze says:


“Together, we can provide innovative, affordable and practical solutions to students preparing to work or study in English wherever they are in the world. Sensations English is a brand new company so we are very happy to have already earned the confidence of such a well-respected teaching institution as LSI/IH Portsmouth”.



Why did LSI/IH Portsmouth choose Sensations English?


Excellent online self-study

More and more students are moving online, so what could be a better way to do homework than over the Internet? Sensations English provides self-study which works well with our online courses, this gives students the best of both worlds: interactive teacher-guided online classes and interactive online homework/self-study.

Many of the Sensations English lessons are adapted and included in teacher’s classes. This means that the interactive communicative part of Sensations English can be practised in an online class while the vocabulary and grammar input can happen outside of class.

A variety of topics

With a variety of different topics available through the Sensations English platform, students have an opportunity to practice their listening and reading skills in a range of different contexts. Furthermore, this allows students to learn new vocabulary and see grammar being used in a mixture of different real-life situations.

a student's English sensationally improves


What news topics does Sensations English explore?

students getting a sense of what the topics are

  1. Culture

    Want to dive into news stories of a cultural theme? Here you will find news stories which explore music, history, literature, festivals and so on. Examples of stories which have appeared here include those about the Rio Carnival or the movie Parasite winning Oscars.

  2. Entertainment

    These are news articles and videos designed to entertain. If you are looking for something humorous, unusual or maybe you want to catch up on a bit of celebrity gossip, then this is the category for you.

  3. Hard News

    News which deals with the hard hitting tough topics of today such as conflict, business, and disasters. This is where you can find news stories that deal with British politics or the bushfires in Australia.

  4. Innovation

    For videos and articles which explore scientific breakthroughs, online developments, and future innovations, look no further. This category is perfect for students looking to practice a variety of more technical vocabulary.

  5. Lifestyle

    Want to see sports news? The ‘lifestyle’ section is where you will find it. Alongside news stories connected to health, leisure, food & diet. Did you hear all about the 100 year old man who raised £30 million for the British National Health Service? This is where you can check out the full story!

  6. Natural World

    Perhaps one of the most popular areas of discussion these days is the environment. In Sensations English’s ‘natural world’ section, you will have the opportunity to practice vocabulary connected to this topic in a variety of nature topics, from the environment to weather to animals.

  7. Community

    Are you looking for news stories which highlight accomplishment, issues in local communities or religion? Then this is the category which looks into those types of topics. Examples could include topics such as the Hindu festival for Ganesha or how an Afghan artist defied all odds.

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