Social Programme in Winchester

LSI/IH Portsmouth’s social programme goes to lots of great places in the south of England. It helps our students discover new places, make friends, learn about English culture and best of all – practise their English.

We all know that the very best way to increase fluency is to use your English.  One of the nicest ways to do this is to discover new places with friends. As you watch this video, realise that none of these people knew each other before they arrived at the school.

While students are on these trips they get the opportunity to practise their English in everyday situations, in completely real life situations. They meet students from other classes, they get to explore new places that they might not get to see if they stayed on their own. By visiting these places they have the perfect opportunity to see English culture in action, they will most likely get the opportunity to queue 😉 and all the time they have fun.

This video shows one of our typical trips to Winchester.

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