Student life in Portsmouth

When students come to England and to us at LSI/IH Portsmouth, often this is an incredibly important time in their lives, one that they will remember for always.  For some it is the first time they have left home, for others it is the first time they have travelled abroad alone. For all of them it is an experience that is different to their ‘normal’ life.  We are very aware of how special these times can be, and over the years have had the pleasure of having photos, letters and little videos being shared with us that show how meaningful these moments are.

Recently one of our very special students, Mohammd Bafarhan from Saudi Arabia, left the school.  He had stayed with us for over a year and had really become part of LSI/IH Portsmouth, and it was a very sad day for us when he left.  While he has been having a holiday before returning to go to Portsmouth University, Mohammed made a little video, which encapsulates someone having the time of their life.  He has agreed that we could post it below to show our readers.  There are some cameo photos and videos from some of our teachers and many of the students who have been with us over this last year or so could well find themselves in his video slideshow.
Thank you so much Mohammd for sharing this with us, we wish you only fantastic things for the future.

(please be aware there is some ‘street’ language some might find offensive)