Teaching the Teachers – LSI/IH Portsmouth teachers learning Arabic

Teaching the teachers – Tuesday’s class
In the blog we posted a couple of weeks ago, we showed how many of our teachers speak other languages.  We are very fortunate to have on the staff quite a few bi-lingual / completely fluent speakers of other languages. 

So we recently asked our teachers if they would like the opportunity to learn another language, and we got a resounding YES.  

We decided to start off with lessons in Arabic and the lovely Arif has very kindly agreed to be the teacher,
running two beginner Arabic classes in the evenings.  A great chance for the teachers to be on the other side of the desk. The teachers are finding it very challenging, but so far are very enthusiastic. Not so sure about the homework but so far they are being good students 😉

Teacher: Arif dressed for the
Showing the teachers how its done 😉 

Teaching the teachers – Thursday’s class