The Rugby World Cup

We asked Leanne to write a piece about the Rugby for anyone who doesn’t understand.  

I first got into rugby back in 2001 on my gap year in New Zealand. Rugby to the New Zealanders is like football to us.  It’s a part of their lives, they live and
breathe it. While I was there I totally got swept up in the thrill of it.
In the beginning I remember annoying my Kiwi friends with
endless questions like ‘what’s a scrum?’ ‘What’s a ruck?’ ‘What’s a try?’ ‘Why
is he kicking the ball and not passing it?’ and so on. Pretty much like the
typical football question of ‘What’s the offside rule?’
Once you get it, or nearly get it, it’s fast, furious and
truly exciting. Men charge at each other like bulls, there’s mud (and sometimes
a bit of blood!) flying here and there just to get the ball over the line to
score a try. It sounds barbaric but trust me it’s thrilling.
If you are lucky enough to watch the All Blacks (the New Zealand
team) live, it sends shivers down your spine when they perform the haka. The
haka is a long line of powerful rugby players chanting and performing their
warrior dance daring the opposition to take them on.

So if I were you, I’d grab some mates, head to the pub with
a big screen and soak up the fun and atmosphere! Go the All Blacks…. or Go England!!!!!! 
Many thanks Leanne.