Visiting Oxford – with LSI/IH Portsmouth Social Programme

Postcards of Oxford

Oxford is up there with some of the best cities to visit in the U.K. It’s rich history and world-renowned University attracts around 7 million tourists every year!

For this reason, the Social team at LSI/IH Portsmouth always look forward to taking students to this city. If you didn’t already know, Oxford is currently the number one University in the world. Along with this, it is also the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Oxford is full of religious and political history – twenty seven British Prime Ministers studied here!

On our trip to Oxford, we always have a fantastic tour with a guide who takes us around the main sites and even into one of the colleges! Last Saturday, we drove up in our private coach and met the guide in the morning. We walked around the city and went into Balliol College. Here, we were able to walk around the grounds, go inside the dining hall and even visit the college bar. We were very lucky with the weather – the sun came out and it was really warm! As always, our guide gave us fantastic, interesting information about the city and we all learnt something new (even the leaders!) Some other places we visited on our tour included the Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Camera and University Church of St Mary the Virgin. Having a tour guide is always great listening practice for students – they can learn new vocabulary and practise listening to a native speaker!

After our brilliant tour, the students had free time in the afternoon to enjoy the city and visit the places they wanted to see! We met back at the coach late afternoon and drove back to Portsmouth. We can’t wait for our next trip back to Oxford.


rich (adj) – a lot of something that is important

world-renowned (adj) – famous all over the world

Prime-Minister (n) – the leader of the government

guide (n) – someone who gives information about a place/city


The Oxford Tourist Website