We Had a Facelift – The New Face of LSI/IH Portsmouth

LSI/IH Portsmouth is a beautiful large eight storey 1930s Art Deco building.  While it is a lovely building, it does take a lot of maintenance, for which we have to thank Terry and Adam for managing.  Over the last year we have had a major redecoration project on the outside of the building.  The pictures below show some of what was involved.  The builders Mark and Rick with the help of Andy have done a fantastic job (and been great fun to have around), and we are now delighted to unveil the FABULOUS new face of LSI/IH Portsmouth.

The big reveal!  We are so pleased with the new look.

Going back to the start, when it was very cold …

 Mark and Rick braving the cold.
All covered in scaffolding and netting.

We got used to seeing paint everywhere!

And more paint!
Andy, Mark and Rick – proud of their handiwork.
Just so you can see how the look of the building and the surrounding area have changed, here is a picture from when we first moved into the school.  Note the cars driving past the building!  Now we have a fantastic cafe at the base of the school, new signage, and a beautiful pedestrianised area, but of course with that come new traffic signs ;-(
Approx 1998-9

Today! 2015