Welcoming Belle to the Party!

Dowber joined us this month as our new full time Social events organiser. We have wanted to make our social programme even more lively and diverse
and we think Belle is just the lady for the job.  She popped in to answer
a few questions for us so we could get to know her a little better.
My name is Belle,
I was born and raised here in Portsmouth, and consider
myself a bit of a ‘Pompey girl’. Aside from moving to Brighton for three years
to complete my degree, I’ve always been based in Portsmouth.  For three years, I lived in Brighton, where I
graduated from the University of Sussex with
a first class degree in linguistics. Either side of my studies I’ve been off
gallivanting around the globe. I’ve just recently returned from a four month
trip, the majority of which I spent travelling around India and Sri Lanka.
On her travels
Being the new
Social Organiser? This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, so
it was a bit daunting on my first day. However, everyone has been so friendly
and welcoming; it’s made starting here much easier. I’m really excited about
this job, and I’m looking forward to taking the Social Programme to the next
I’ve only ever
worked in England, but
would love the opportunity to work abroad, further along the line. Having said
that, does making cocktails on the beach in exchange for free accommodation
count as working abroad? In that case, I’ve worked in Indonesia too.
on her travels

on her travels

on her travels
I love cycling my
old rusty bike, she’s my trusted companion. I also play the ukulele, even
though my repertoire consists of 8 songs. My main passion is travelling, and
even when I don’t have the time to take long trips away, I try and squeeze in
short weekend trips so I can see as much of this lovely planet as possible.
I love living by
the sea, and feel very lucky to be able to enjoy all the perks of living in a
seaside city. The area around Clarence Pier, with its arcades and funfair and
candyfloss, makes me feel nostalgic, and the tranquility of Eastney beach is always the perfect place to watch the sunset. Right now, I love the buzz around
Southsea common, spending long sunny days eating lots of barbecued meat, and
playing football or Frisbee with friends.

On the Isle of Wight

What else can I
tell you? I nearly began a career as a professional ballerina, and completed
all my examinations with distinction, as well as dancing with the English Youth
Ballet. At the age of seventeen, I decided that I wanted to follow a more academic
route, a decision which I’m very happy I made. Even though I miss ballet
tremendously, I’m sure you’ll see my twirling down the corridors, or standing
on my ‘demi-pointes’- these things never leave you!

Thank you Belle – we can’t wait to see what you have planned!