What is the Best Thing about England? We Asked, Our Students Told Us.

I Love England Because

As a teacher, when you ask students questions you often have an idea what they will answer, but more times than not, they will come up with something completely unexpected. For the last month or so we have run a little ‘campaign’ on Facebook where once a week we have asked our students what was their favourite thing about certain areas, for example, the best thing about Sundays, favourite place in Portsmouth and why they were learning English, that sort of thing. We made it easy, they just had to answer with one word. Some great answers came back. Someone said you need the English language in the same way you need a passport (which of course isn’t just one word ;-). To the question about Sundays? The best things were; sleeping, leisure, relaxing, shopping!
The post that we got the most answers to was the question ‘What is the best thing about England?’. The responses were so varied and really interesting. At the top of the list were LSI/IH Portsmouth (thank you ;-), Portsmouth, the People and well ‘everything’. 
Then we came to a wide variety of things, politics, history, culture, language, London and all the changes that are happening at the moment. 
This really appears to go to show that the reasons we think people come to England might not necessarily be the actual reasons, or maybe the reasons they have stated as being their favourite they have discovered as the best things since coming here. Whichever it is, it is good to know that England has so many good reasons to visit.  Can you add any?

(For privacy’s sake we blanked out the names and pictures of those writing – if you want to see the actual post then please visit our Facebook page.)