Wow – Look how much we raised – and what fun we had!

At the start of August we wrote saying we were supporting a wonderful ex student of ours – Max ( Massimilano Fanni Canelles) with his fantastic charity; @uxilia.  

See here: 

Throughout August we have promoted his charity in different ways.  As it is the Summer, we always have a student party and we aimed to raise the profile of the charity at this party as well as making sure everyone had a fantastically good time.  Below are a selection of photos and at the bottom of the page is how much all the lovely students and teachers managed to raise.

I think it is quite obvious from the photos above what a fabulous party it was with everyone enjoying themselves, made even better by the DJ teachers Hugo, Adam and Tom.

We are delighted that we raised £500 for the charity 

On a side note, as mentioned above and in the previous article, Maggie Paton, the lady of the home-stay where Max originally stayed was also swept up in Max’s enthusiasm and will be going out to Sri Lanka with Max to help.  Over the Summer she has raised approximately £2500, which means @uxilia will now have £3000 towards building a new school.