Customised Group English Courses to suit all needs

LSI Portsmouth offers courses that can be customised specifically to your needs, whether they be professional or academic. You can choose to be in closed groups all-day, or combine your tailored programme with one of our other programmes.

Here are some examples of programmes we have delivered:

University Lecturers – General English in the morning working on overall English level in mixed nationality class of same level; Closed Group in the afternoon looking at lecturing skills in English; auditing lectures at nearby university.

Academic Semester for University students – students spend 15 weeks at LSI Portsmouth, with an IELTS test at the end. It is credit-bearing and enables them to meet the minimum English language requirement to go into their final year.

French Business school students – 10 weeks of General English in the morning; Closed Groups in the afternoon focussing on Business English; final case-study and presentations are graded as part of their final degree result.

Military English – General English in the morning; Closed Groups in the afternoons working on the language of logistics, engineering, etc.

Automotive Industry – heads of department from the same company working in Closed Groups all day, looking at intercultural awareness and working in an international team

Contact us if you are looking for a different cutomised course.