Linguaskill Test now available at LSI/IH Portsmouth

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LSI/IH Portsmouth is now a Linguaskill Test Centre

From December 2019, LSI/IH Portsmouth has been offering the possibility of taking the Linguaskill test at LSI/IH Portsmouth, this replaces the BULATS test.

What is the Linguaskill test?

The Linguaskill test, which is from the University of Cambridge, takes just 60 – 85 minutes and covers both listening and reading skills. At the end of the Linguaskill test, you are able to get your results immediately. You’ll also receive an official certificate with your results on it so that you can take it home with you.

Cambridge Assessment English provides the test. It is computer-based and taken online, at LSI/IH Portsmouth we participate in the test once a week. Linguaskill has several levels and is an efficient way for employers and students to quickly test and receive results for their English language skills.

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The Linguaskill test at LSI/IH Portsmouth

At LSI/IH Portsmouth, there are two versions that can be taken – the Business English listening and reading test and the General English listening and reading test. Taking the Linguaskill test at LSI/IH Portsmouth, you will have the benefits of a professional, comfortable environment with experienced test invigilators.

If you would like some information about the test that you can’t find here – please contact us or send us a message here.

Why we like the Linguaskill test and why we think it is useful:


  • The test report is available immediately at the end of the test (reading and listening).
  • We can print your certificate while you are here so you can take it home with you.
  • The test is adaptive – so you get the best test appropriate to your level.
  • It has been researched by Cambridge Assessment English so we know we can trust it.
  • It can help with your promotion prospects with your employer now or prospective employers in the future.
  • It can help show you tangible results from your course here.
  • It will look good on your CV.

More Linguaskill information

If you would like to see some practice tasks, please click here. To find more information on the test click here. If you would like the information in French, please see here.

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