We regard our trainers, their skill, enthusiasm and dedication, as our most valuable asset. Whether studying on a one-to-one or group basis, your course will be highly personalised – your tutors will get to know you and to understand your needs in the shortest possible time. They are determined to make your course as practical, as effective and as enjoyable as possible. Many of our trainers have entered English language training from industry and commerce.



"My teacher was wonderful; always trying to find a way to consolidate the learning process.  I'm very happy with the teaching methods and the patience of the teachers"

Marc, Renault, France


"LSI/IH Portsmouth trainers use very good, professional modern methods of teaching"

Tatiana, Lukoil, Russia


"I would definitely recommend LSI/IH Portsmouth - the school, its structure, teachers and city are excellent"

Ronaldo, KPMG, Brazil