5 Benefits of Specialist English Courses

In a globalised world, knowing languages and using them effectively gives people access to so many new possibilities. 

From working and studying in other countries; experiencing and understanding other cultures; building and joining networks to making new friendships and creating more prosperous futures across borders – the possibilities really are endless!

All of these reasons are why studying a specialist English course is so important. But the benefits don’t start and stop there.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the other reasons why specialist English courses are advantageous. Let’s dive right in.

Specialist English Courses: What Are the Benefits?

A specialist English course is designed with a focus on a specific subject/industry. This could be for those who wish to work in a particular field, and want to enhance their English skills to suit the profession. In a course like this, students will learn key information and terms that will help them seamlessly fit into the workplace.

With these courses, come many pros, such as:

Boost Your Knowledge

Chances are, if you’re studying a specialist English course, you already have a working knowledge of your industry. However, in order to be able to communicate effectively with others in the industry and progress your career, it is necessary to have a grasp of several key components such as:

  • Relevant vocabulary
  • Professional terminology
  • Business processes
  • Function skills

All of this is what a specialist English course aims to help students understand and improve upon. With this enhanced knowledge, you’ll be able to do business with people from all over the world!

Enhance Your CV

Whether you’ve completed a short or long-term English course – if you have a fluency in English on your CV – this can make you highly competitive when up against other job applicants.

Not only that, those with English language skills are statistically proven to have increased hiring potential. This is especially important in this day and age, as many countries want to recruit people who can offer the ‘full package’ and bring them more value in other areas of business. Having multiple languages can certainly open more doors for you, and even have the power to shorten your job search. 

Increase Your Salary

It is also widely recognised that those with second language fluency, whether they are bilingual or have studied a foreign language, can generally expect a higher salary than those without.

According to Spanish Academy, studies show that bilingual employees usually receive 5-20% more per hour compared to monolingual employees. This is because of their high demand, cultural awareness and proven ability to multitask – all of which make them very favourable to employers.

Instant Industry Access

Depending on your institution, where you choose to study your specialist English course can help give you direct access to certain companies and contacts that will help you step up the career ladder.

At LSI / International House Portsmouth, we offer a wide range of English courses that are designed to suit different industries. Here are some of our most popular programmes you can choose from:

Through these, you can expect a tailored education that will help fast-track you into the industry of your choice.

Improve Your Confidence

Being able to speak a foreign language is a highly sought-after and admired skill, no matter what your motivation is for learning. As such, a final benefit of undertaking a specialist English course is the pride and self confidence that comes with knowing your language skills can help you work and travel in different parts of the world, and communicate with people from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds.

When it comes to specialist English, you can feel less nervous attending interviews and settling in. This will also give you the upper-hand over others that are applying for the same job. This is because the employer can instantly see your dedication to your profession, and will trust your work proficiency whether you’re in the office or abroad.

Very often, we find the main thing that holds students back is the fact that they have the vocabulary skills but are lacking the confidence to use it. At the end of the specialist English classes we offer, we notice a huge difference in their approach to using their new and improved language – and this all comes down to instilling confidence. Once you unlock that confidence, you can and will succeed in communicating ideas, tasks and strategies in your new role.

Specialist English Courses at LSI / International House Portsmouth

At LSI / International House Portsmouth, we specialise in the design of specifically-tailored English courses for professional communications. These are offered on either a one-to-one or small group basis. 

Our short, intensive business English courses help to prepare the communication of our students for one or several specific industries. We have a large variety of trainers and teachers that are able to create bespoke courses to suit the individual or company’s training and linguistic needs.

Working together with our students, we seek to identify the specific communication problems and knowledge gaps by conducting a needs audit. From here, we create our courses in collaboration with the student, so they are receiving a highly personalised programme that is structured to guarantee success.

For more information, please contact us today!