Spring in Hampshire!

After a long winter of cold, dark and lockdown, it feels good to be outdoors again. Spring has arrived in the UK and the country is becoming green once more. Portsmouth is situated in the county of Hampshire, which boasts some magnificent countryside and nature.

My name is Joe and I am one of the Directors of Studies at LSI/IH Portsmouth. In my free time I like hiking, running and fishing in the rural areas in the Meon Valley, where I live. I would like to share with you a few photos that I took on recent walks in the Hampshire countryside, all just a few miles from Portsmouth.

“Here you can see the farmers
hard at work in their tractors
– this photo was taken in the
fields near Meon Springs
in the Meon Valley.”

“And over at Meon Springs itself,
these proud parent geese keep
a watchful eye over their baby
goslings. An aunt and uncle seem
to be helping too!”

“Spring is lambing time so expect
to see many cute lambs in the
fields with their mothers!”

“Some crops are already flowering,
such as in this field near East Meon.”

“A spectacular view from Butser Hill
looking down on East Meon.”

“In May, look out for this little
flower called the bluebell.
It appears in woods and forests
in huge numbers, often looking
like a blue carpet.”

“Spring is the time for blossom
on the trees. Beautiful spring
blossom can be seen in the city
of Portsmouth as well as out in
the countryside.”

If you feel the need to get out to some countryside, then you can take a train from Portsmouth to Petersfield, and then a short journey by bus to Clanfield Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Alternatively, it is about 25 minutes by car/taxi.